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Dancing is incredibly fun. This is why it is such an amazing added bonus that it can just melt away the pounds. But before you start boogie-ing your britches off with our weight loss tips, you should know how each dance can help.

To help separate the waltzing and the weight loss, we’ve put together a list of 6 dance moves that will melt away the pounds while teaching you how to dance:

4 Dance Moves that Will Lose The Weight

1. A Belly Dance Hip Circle

Dance to Drop the Pounds: Belly DanceBelly dance has had a revival as of late, and for good reason—it is one heck of a workout. And for women it is a workout that works in all the right places: stomach, hips, bum and arms. The most basic step in belly dancing also happens to be the simplest to learn: the hip circle. This circular isolation of the hips is performed with a straight pelvis (no tilting). While moving your hips in a circular motion, your hips should circle around the outer perimeter of your feet.

For an added weight loss tip, throw in another basic belly move, the hip bump. A side-to-side hip move that involves a quick contraction on the bump-side glute—a great workout for your rear.


2. Kick Ball Change

Kick Ball Change to Lose Weight

The kick ball change is a move incorporated into many styles of dance, including hip hop, ballroom and salsa. Its quick steps help burn calories while setting the stage for a number of transition moves. Once you’ve mastered the kick ball change you will be eager to bounce onto the next move.

How to dance the kick ball change: To perform the kick ball change, simply stand with your feet together and your toes pointing forward. Then kick your right foot in front and bring it back in towards your body. Next step out to the right and switch your weight to the right foot. Repeat the move with the left foot to finish off the move. Repeat this simple 

yet fast move enough times and you’ll burn a small hole in the floor under you—AND a good number of calories.


3. The Salsa Step

Salsa to Slim Down

Salsa dancing’s claim to fame is its entire body workout. Due to the firm frame you need to hold throughout the dance your spine is constantly aligned and your back is activated. This activated back is supported by a strong stomach, torso and upper body. Your arms are locked into your frame which uses all the major arm and shoulder muscles, while the back uses all its major muscle groups as well. Then there is the lower body. The quick steps, turns, and ball-change style moves your legs are constantly moving—providing a phenomenal lower body work out.

How to dance the basic salsa step: To perform salsa’s body-sculpting main step you need to begin with a simple back and forward step with one foot at a time, in time to the music. While you do that move your hips along with the footwork, side-to-side, while keeping your pelvis tucked under. Use the rhythm quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow. Repeat this process with a side step, then back to back and forward.


4. Learn the Cumbia

Dance Moves to Drop the Pounds: Cumbia

The Cumbia is a folk dance from Columbia that has experienced a renaissance as of late and been turned into a sexy, rhythmic latin dance. Its sensual hip-shaking moves help trim the waist and shape the thighs and glutes.

How to dance the basic Cumbia step: The Cumbia’s basic step is really simple (and with it you can perform all of the other moves). Begin by stepping your right foot out to the front while the left foot performs a step in place. Then move the right foot back while the left steps in place again. As you perform the steps rock your hips gently from side to side.


Next time you feel like hitting the club, just make sure you go to one that’s Cumbia or belly dance-friendly! These dance moves will get you moving in shaking, ensure you’re having a good time and also dropping some pounds in the process. Shake it, girl!


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