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Live Fit Tour

The CELSIUS® Live Fit Tour

Celsius is launching its first national guerilla marketing tour, which will make its way across the U.S. The Live Fit Tour will officially kick off in NYC on September 7th with a CELSIUS® branded pop up fitness event in Union Square. The brand owned event will feature various interactive fitness activities including outdoor classes hosted by popular local instructors from several nationwide fitness chains, as well as competitive activities to inspire attendees and influencers to find what motivates them to live an active lifestyle.

Bringing the Tour to 12 Cities

The CELSIUS® Live Fit Tour will be bringing its proprietary and clinically proven functional energy drink to 12 cities (New York City, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa) with a goal of inspiring and creating a movement which energizes each city with approximately 300,000 samples to be distributed along the way. In addition, the Live Fit Tour will also be stopping at various retailers, distributors, local events, and fitness partners like Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness.

“With CELSIUS®’s increased national availability and impressive distribution growth, the decision to launch our National Live Fit Marketing initiative at this time was a strategic one,” commented John Fieldly, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our year-over-year revenue growth of 73% in the second quarter of 2019, as well as expansion with national retailer partners including Target, CVS, RiteAid, 7-Eleven and Kroger, and the addition of significant DSD partners, makes this the time right time to continue to disrupt the market and drive further trial and awareness in these key geographies.”

we created a tour which will promote an active lifestyle

John Fieldly

President & Chief Executive Officer

“Following our recent launch in New York City and ourdistribution agreement with Big Geyser, New York’s largest independent non-alcoholic beverage distributors, which serves 20,000 locations in the five boroughs of New York City. We believe that launching our Live Fit Tour in the NYC metropolitan area will further leverage our partnership and presence in the market. Through our core LIVE FIT brand position, we created a tour which will promote an active lifestyle that is aligned with our healthy, functional fitness forward position and targets today’s health minded consumer.”

image of people racing up stairs to get celsius
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