Make Calorie Burning Part of Your Next Workout

Now there's Celsius, a calorie burning drink that will help you beat the numbers by dropping the number of calories you consume and raising the number you burn. With Celsius, you'll feel like you're cheating weight loss programs, all while changing up your exercise routine without repercussions.

It's Like Cheating, Without Actually Cheating

Celsius' calorie burning drinks will make you feel like you're cheating, but nothing about Celsius' all-natural and sugar-free ingredients will sabotage your diet. You see, you can burn up to 100 more calories every time you exercise. Celsius uses green tea and other natural ingredients to boost your metabolism and speed fat oxidation, that is, the process of converting fat into energy. This produces thermogenesis, making calorie burning all the more effective when you exercise. Best of all, Celsius is also negative calorie, so you get to put that little minus symbol on your calorie counting records.

Change It Up

With Celsius you can afford to change up your exercise routine. Say you usually do interval training on the elliptical because you know that you will burn x amount of calories. Well, with Celsius, you can burn the same about of calories and more from a Zumba class or weight training. Try a different machine, go for a walk outside or find a local bike trail! Celsius will ensure that you get the most beneficial calorie burning exercise experiences.

Find Everyday Opportunities to Burn More Calories.

Completing regular household and outdoor chores can help you burn more calories. For example, you can burn up to 250 calories per hour just by vacuuming, mopping or doing loads of laundry. Of course, outdoor work like shoveling snow and working on the yard will burn much more - up to 450 calories per hour. Why not drink Celsius before you mow the lawn? You'll get an extra energy boost and you might even find yourself enjoying that tedious garden work this time.

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Billions of Calories Burned and Going Strong!


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We know that weight management can be tedious. It takes time and commitment to keep up with healthy diet ideas. Our health experts will make it easier for you to stay inspired and informed on weight management tips for your healthy lifestyle.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Clinical Studies Show How Celsius Can Help Burn Fat Faster

Tips to Burn Belly Fat FastLet’s face it, even the thinnest of us may be looking for a belly fat cure to get rid of that little bit of extra unwanted belly fat that will not seem to go away! Typically, the body wants to make sure that it has plenty of fat stored in case of emergency. So when you are not active the body prefers to burn more carbohydrates such as sugar instead of primarily burning body fat. More often than not, our body always has more than enough sugars for fuel and ends up not needing to tap too much into excess body fat. Sure, you may have tried every trick in the book- but burning belly fat just got a lot easier.

Boost Your Metabolism with this Belly Fat Burning Supplement

If you are looking for a way to burn fat fast, Celsius is the perfect addition to your heathy lifestyle. Celsius is a great tasting drink that is proven to reduce body fat, boost your metabolism and burn 100 calories and more per serving. With all of the “Burn Fat Fast” miracle diets that are available on the market, you may be skeptical...and with good reason. That's ok, because Celsius has held up to the skepticism since it is clinically proven to burn belly fat and provide you with results you can't ignore.

A Celsius a Day to Keep Belly Fat Away

Did you know the Celsius is back by clinical studies to reduce body fat?! In one clinical study, participants experienced 93% greater fat loss when they drank Celsius prior to their fitness routine. While this does sound like magic, there are several factors at work here. Celsius contains MetaPlus™ which is a proprietary blend that boosts your metabolism and helps to burn belly fat. The benefit of this is- the higher your metabolism is- the more calories you are burning. Once your body has burned off the immediate fuel source from your last meal, it will start tapping into the reserves aka- your excess belly fat. Drinking Celsius in combination with a well-balanced diet aimed at losing belly fat and an exercise routine is a great way to burn body fat while feeling energized throughout the day.


Studies Prove You Can Burn Fat Faster

Unlike most belly fat burning products, Celsius is backed by 7 university studies that have been published and peer reviewed. Celsius is so effective at helping people lose belly fat, that participants in a Celsius clinical study who drank Celsius in combination with their training experienced greater fat loss and increased cardio endurance when compared to those who did training alone. If you want to learn how to lose belly fat fast, start drinking Celsius and you too can get these great results! Links to all of the Celsius studies posted below can be found here:


• Study 1: Ohio Research - Published In Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition

• Study 2: University of Oklahoma - Published In Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition

• Study 3: University of Oklahoma - Published In Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition

• Study 4: University of Oklahoma - Published In Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition

• Study 5: University of Oklahoma - Published In Journal of the American College of Nutrition

• Study 6: University of Oklahoma - Published In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Association

• Study 7: Miami Research Associates

How Does Celsius Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Celsius contains a unique proprietary blend called MetaPlus®. This belly fat burning formula is proven to boost metabolism for up to 3 hours, reduce body fat and burn 100 calories more per serving! By drinking Celsius, you can feel confident that this is a drink that works to HELP you burn belly fat.

The fastest way to burn body fat, is by using Celsius in combination with your healthy meals and moderate exercise routine. You can drink a Celsius 15 minutes before your workout or have a can of Celsius on your rest days.

Real People- Real Fat Burning Results

I have been drinking Celsius for about four years.  Several years ago, I was 209 pounds and only 5'1".  I decided to take control of my life. I began a new way of thinking about food and started following an exercise routine that would help me get rid of belly fat. Then I was introduced to Celsius and found I could take my workouts to a whole new level!  I like to work out early in the morning and found that Celsius gave me a fantastic boost without the crash or jitteriness you get from other energy drinks.  I continued drinking Celsius every day before my workout and saw AMAZING results!  Over 8 1/2 months, I lost 85 pounds and got rid of belly fat. People don't recognize me now!  I have even managed to maintain at my new weight for the past few years.  I continue to eat right and workout hard thanks to Celsius. Thank you Celsius for helping me turn my life around!  -Amanda R.

As stated before, the best way to lose belly fat is by using Celsius in combination with a well-balanced diet and moderate training routine. Having up to 2 servings of Celsius a day can yield 93% greater fat loss when paired with your exercises and belly fat burning foods. You can burn fat fast with the expert tips below.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Eating Healthy Fats- Many people fear fat when it actually helps you to burn body fat! This of course depends on the type of fat you are eating and it must be done in moderation. When choosing the type of fat to eat, aim for saturated fats (coconut oil, avocados and meat) monosaturated fats (olive, sunflower and flax oils) and omegas (fish and nuts). According to, “Trans fat should be avoided because they raise your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower your good (HDL) cholesterol levels… and increase your risk of developing heart disease and stroke and developing type 2 diabetes.” Another reason people fear fat in because of the high calorie content. 1 g of fat contains 9 calories, while 1 g of carbohydrate or protein contains only 4 calories. While fat does contain more than double the calories per gram, it is worth taking the caloric punch because fat aids in getting rid of belly fat and helping the body feel a sense of fullness. If you feel full/satisfied, you will be less likely to over eat or snack in between meals. While carbohydrate and protein rich meals will initially make you full, you may notice that the fullness will quickly fade. Adding in a bit of the healthy fats to your diet will help you burn body fat without all of the hunger pangs associated with traditional dieting and fat loss.

Increase Protein Intake- By eating more protein, you will be satisfied and not crave snacking on high calorie foods. This will allow your body to burn excess body fat rather than burning off the extra food that was just consumed. Making sure you eat adequate protein will also aid your muscles in recovery from training. When choosing your protein sources, aim for lean cuts of meat or options that are low in fat. Also reach for the fresh options when possible as many canned and frozen versions of protein sources are loaded with sodium and preservatives which will make you hold water and feel bloated. That is the complete opposite of what we are aiming for here. If you do not know what your daily protein recommendation is, you can follow the guidelines from the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.). A.C.E. recommends that you multiply your weight in pounds by 0.36 (low range) and 0.45 (high range) to get an estimate of how many grams of protein you should eat every day to satisfy your body and burn fat fast.

A.C.E. notes that higher amounts of protein are recommended for athletes who engage in regular endurance and strength training.

Eat a Moderate Amount of Carbohydrates- The majority of Americans eat way too many carbohydrates! Are you guilty of this? While carbs are the bodies preferred source for fuel, if you give the body too many carbs, is not the fastest way to lose belly fat. Carbs also tend to raise your blood sugar a bit more than other types of food which will give you immediate energy that is usually followed by a crash. If you do not know where you need to begin with your carbohydrate intake, find out your daily calorie needs based on your age and activity level here. Click on the daily calorie needs button and then plug your calories into the box and it will provide you with a breakdown of each macronutrient (Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein) based on your specifics. This will ensure that you are eating foods that burn belly fat.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Low Intensity/Steady State (LISS) Cardio- You can choose any type of cardio routine from biking, jogging, swimming or playing tennis. All you have to do is monitor your intensity. During LISS, you are keeping your heart rate at a low level of intensity for the entire duration of your workout in order to burn fat fast. These workouts tend to be a bit longer in duration because the intensity is low enough to work out for a longer amount of time. Keeping your heart rate at a moderate level ensures that your body will switch to burning body fat as a primary source for fuel. Find an estimate of your target training heart rate zone to ensure that you exercise to reduce belly fat- here.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - This is the opposite of LISS cardio, in the sense that you will be working to have your heart rate stay relatively high for the duration of your workout. You will elevate you heart rate for a short period of time while performing exercise at maximum intensity. This is followed by a short period of low level intensity exercise. The low level allows the heart rate to drop and recover. This pattern will be repeated for the duration for the workout. Because you are performing at near maximal intensity, this style of cardio will be shorter than your LISS cardio sessions. (Tip: Invest in a good heart rate monitor to get a great workout). Once again you can choose any type of cardio equipment or routine.

Sample HIIT Workout (on any piece of cardio equipment you prefer)

5 minute warm-up

8 Rounds of:

30 seconds near maximum effort

1 minute recovery

End with 5 minute cool down

Total workout time= 22 minutes

Resistance Training- While cardio is well known for helping to get rid of body fat, resistance or weight training is also a great option. This is because lean muscle actually burns more calories than body fat. By adding some lean muscle mass to your body you will burn fat fast as opposed to only doing cardio training alone. You can begin by doing 3 total body strength training routines a week. Download the FREE Fast Track to Fittest eBook here for a beginner total body strength training routine that will help you lose body fat while strengthening your muscles.









Fitness & Exercise

Are you looking for some inspiring and fun ways to exercise? We’ve got’ ya covered. Turn your exercise burn on with help from our industry experts. Tone your muscles, stay fit, trim and feeling good!

Cardio Training Routine for Celsius Challenge

Cardio training Celsius challengeWhen you walk into the gym, many times the majority of the cardio equipment is being used by the patrons… but are they really training in a way that will help them see results? Some people are going too slowly, others are working so intensely that they cannot last more than 5 minutes on the step mill. While it is great that these people are being active, in most cases they never see the results that they are seeking because their cardio training routine lacks proper INTENSITY. Many are simply going through the motions in order to complete a few miles or minutes for their training log. By following this cardio protocol, you will be working at the proper intensity for your skill level and making the most out of your precious time in the gym.



Below you will find all of the information that you need in order to perform the cardio portion and get the most out of your routine. The beauty of this part of the program is that you can choose ANY type of cardio training to meet the requirements. The only thing you have to do is 1. Drink your Celsius prior to training and 2. Keep your heart rate in the recommended zone which keeps your level of intensity high. It is that easy! Below you will find all of the information you need to get started. Before beginning your routine, it is recommended that you invest in a heart rate monitor to be able to easily see where your heart rate is while training.

Below you will find a chart on how to find an estimate of your Heart Rate Reserve as well as what percentage your heart rate needs to be in as each week progresses.

How to determine your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR).

Heart Rate Max= 220-Age

Heart Rate Resting= Heart Beats Per 1 Min at Rest

Heart Rate Reserve= Heart Rate Max- Heart Rate Resting


How to determine your % of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR).

40% HRR= (.40xHRR)+HRrest

50% HRR= (.50xHRR)+ HRrest

60% HRR= (.60xHRR)+ HRrest

70% HRR= (.70xHRR) + HRrest



% of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)


15-20 Min



20-25 Min



25-30 Min



25-30 Min



30-35 Min










Frequency: 3 days per week

Some options for cardiovascular training: Power walking, running, cycling, treadmill, elliptical, stair master, step mill and swimming. You can get creative, just be sure that your heart rate is in the correct zone to ensure that you are getting the most that out of this program and working to your full intensity. Celsius will help to provide you with the endurance that you need to get through these training sessions and the more consistent you are, the easier the workouts will become due to increased stamina. By having more energy, you will be able to train harder and longer than you had in the past. Thanks to Celsius, you will be able to burn more calories and fat while you improve your overall cardio endurance.

As always be sure to properly hydrate and listen to your body during training. Should you feel, faint, dizzy or nauseous slow down your pace until you feel better and proceed with your routine. Exerting yourself physically is not going to always be comfortable. Begin to learn the difference between challenging yourself at a higher intensity and pushing yourself too hard. *Consult with your primary care physician before beginning any exercise program or taking dietary supplements.









Sports and Activities

A healthy and fit lifestyle should be shared with others. We bring you stories of events and people enjoying a healthy lifestyle in their community. We connect people with people sharing their active and healthy lifestyle.

Lessons From a Fast Sprint Duathlon

The FishHawk Triathlon Club held its second event on March 9, 2014 in Riverview, FL! The FishHawk Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and Xterra racing. The event was a fast Sprint Duathlon (USAT sanctioned) format, sponsored by Just Ride Bicycles. This type of course consists of 1.5 Mile Run, 14 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run. Celsius ambassador, Dennis Navarette, uses Celsius to power through his training sessions and dominate in competitions. Dennis participated in this event and provides a behind the scenes look at what it is like on a duathlon race day.

Fast Sprint Duathlon Tips

“For this event, I tagged along with 2 members of the RunVie Racing ( club who gave me some pointers for duathlon racing in hopes of shaving several minutes off of my time during my transitions! 

The event started at 7:45am. My beginning pace was about 8 minutes per mile and slowly built it to average 7:05 minutes for the first mile. By the end of the run, I was slightly ahead of my fellow runners. Then, it was time for the first transition. For this event, I was prepared and had my gear laid out. Although this transition was much better than my what-seemed-like-forever transitions from previous events, my fellow racers got their bikes off the racks faster than short lead was also short lived.

While the others may have stolen the lead, I was able to clip my shoes on to my pedals a bit quicker and was off in front of them!

About a mile or so in the bike leg of the race. My race buddies passed me. I tried to keep up but they built a good lead and soon were out of my range.

Of course my friends weren't the only ones who passed me at the first run and bike portions of the race. Several runners and cyclists of all ages, both males and females, passed me! At the end of my bike leg, there were already at least a handful of duathletes finishing lap #1 of the 2 at the end of the race.

At the last leg of the race, a 3.14 mile run, I was way behind my race buddies. I had a lot of ground to catch up! My second transition was not as fast as the first. Someone had taken my spot on the rack! So, I racked the bike just a couple of feet from the original spot. Now I had to manage my way between bike wheels to get to my running shoes!

As I rounded the first corner of my run, my calves started to pulsate and there was a bit of tingling behind my knees! I stopped to stretch them out, taking about 10 second for each leg. I did not want to stretch any longer in fear of seizing completely. Instead, I stretched them out as I ran. I was at about a 10 min/mile pace at this point and my calf muscles were still pulsating! The tingly feeling was still there so I tried to distract myself from thinking about them...just get to the water station!

I took a sip of some water and repeated the same pattern: start slow and incrementally increase my running pace. But this time, a bit faster. My legs finally loosened up and I was able to go at a steady pace. I was happy to have the endurance from Celsius to finish "strong".

I finished the race in 1:21:44, which was a great improvement from my first Duathlon. I can't wait to train for the next one hoping to put what I have learned from these events to use!-
Dennis N.

Are you taking the #CelsiusChallenge? If you use Celsius in your fitness training or for competitions, we would LOVE to hear from you! Please share your story with us here for a chance to be featured on the Celsius site.

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Celsius® Launches First Negative Calorie Cola


Celsius® Launches First Negative Calorie Cola

Celsius®, the world's first and only Negative Calorie beverage, unveils new Cola flavor during upcoming Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway


Boca Raton, FL (July 01, 2014) – Celsius Holdings, Inc., (Other OTC: CELH) the creator and marketer of Celsius®, the world’s first Negative Calorie beverage backed by clinical science, is excited to announce the launch of their newest flavor, Celsius Negative Calorie Cola, which will be unveiled this Friday during the Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway.


Celsius, the Official Energy Drink Partner for TriStar Motorsports since February 2014, will serve as the primary sponsor for the No. 10 Toyota Camry during Friday’s race. The car will be sporting a Celsius Negative Calorie Cola paint scheme with Celsius brand ambassador and TriStar Motorsports driver, Blake Koch behind the wheel. 


“The Celsius team is excited to launch the new Negative Calorie Cola because it is giving consumers the cola flavor they love without the negative health effects,” stated Gerry David, CEO, Celsius Holdings. “We are proud to launch the product in coordination with our TriStar Motorsports and Blake Koch partnerships because of Blake’s dedication to health and fitness. By debuting the Celsius Negative Calorie Cola Car this Friday, Celsius has the opportunity to reach out to Blake and NASCAR fans alike to show them that the Celsius Negative Calorie Cola is a healthy alternative to soft drinks that tastes great and also burn 100 calories per serving.”


The new great tasting Celsius Cola flavor has no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors or aspartame and is also low in sodium. The clinically proven formula provides healthy energy and is clinical proven to help burn 100 calories and more per serving, boost metabolism, reduce body fat and increase endurance.


The Cola flavored negative calorie beverage is available in Winn Dixie, Vitamin Shoppe, Ralph's, Meijer, convenience retailers around the country as well as with a suggested retail price of $19.00 for a 12-pack.


Be sure to tune into ESPN2 to see the No. 10 car debut the Celsius Sparkling Cola at the Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway on Friday, July 4th at 7:00 p.m. ET.


About Celsius Holdings, Inc.

Celsius Holdings Inc. (OTC: CELH) is a science-based functional beverage company, founded in April 2004 to launch the world's first negative calorie beverage. The evolution of the beverage market has evolved from high calorie to low calorie to zero calorie. Celsius® negative calorie beverage is unique worldwide and deeply rooted in science. The first clinical study was conducted in 2005. Six additional studies, including five from the University of Oklahoma, were conducted over the next five years. The studies validated the unique benefits Celsius provides to the consumer. For more information, please visit


Forward-Looking Statements

This press release may contain statements that are not historical facts and are considered forward-looking within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements contain projections of Celsius Holdings' future results of operations and/or financial position, or state other forward-looking information. In some cases you can identify these statements by forward-looking words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “should,” “will,” “would,” or similar words. You should not rely on forward-looking statements since Celsius Holdings' actual results may differ materially from those indicated by forward-looking statements as a result of a number of important factors. These factors include, but are not limited to: general economic and business conditions; our business strategy for expanding our presence in our industry; anticipated trends in our financial condition and results of operation; the impact of competition and technology change; existing and future regulations affecting our business; and other risks and uncertainties discussed in the reports Celsius Holdings has filed previously with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Celsius Holdings does not intend to and undertakes no duty to update the information contained in this press release.


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