Blogger Finds Mario Lopez Has a Secret Weapon to Staying Fit!

Celsius was just reviewed by blogger, educator and product reviewer Stacey Moore over at her site.

"With a new baby Mario Lopez needs all the energy he can get—which is why he swears by Celsius!"

Stacey goes on to talk about her experience with Celsius:

"I am exhausted when I get home from work so I was excited to give this energy drink a try! I have one with lunch and feel very refreshed after drinking it. This drink seems more natural than other energy drinks I have tried. I really enjoy the fruity and citrus orange flavor. I love that Celsius is also available in On-the-Go Packets! These are perfect for my busy lifestyle! I just add Celsius to my bottled water and I have a great tasting energy drink. We suggest that you give them a try today!

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